Hearing Aids for Children


Hearing is an essential factor in children’s speech and language development. Consequently, it is important that if a child has any hearing impairment, it is detected at the earliest possible stage.

It can be worrying to discover that your child has impaired hearing. For most parents it is a sorrow that has to be lived through, and it can be hard to recognise and accept that life may have turned out differently from the way we had imagined.

Many questions naturally arise:

  • How can we communicate with our child, if he or she cannot hear?
  • Can our child have a normal childhood?
  • Does it hurt to wear hearing aids?
  • Will the child be able to speak normally?
  • Will our child have to wear hearing aids for the rest of his or her life?
  • How will things go in school?

But do not despair. There is no reason why a child with impaired hearing should not have a good childhood and develop quite normally. Take one step at a time, and listen to the skilled, professional advice you are offered by your doctor or ear specialist.


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