Rotating Bed – Easier in and out

For some people getting in and out of bed is not easy.  Many times, even with one or more persons assisting, the process is not at all comfortable for all involved.

With a Rotoflex bed all this changes.  Many even manage to gain independence and go in and out of bed on their own.

Rotoflex beds, have all the typical movements of medical beds, rising the back and feet together with rising the whole bed horizontally up to 1 metre from the ground.  In addition however, these beds are able to rotate the person to the side of the bed and even assist the person to stand by rising in a seated position.

A Rotoflex bed brings comfort to all people involved.

Numerous options are available, including different heights, widths, mattresses, person weight capability.  Even our simplest mattress is a special pressure spreading mattress, for particular needs a variety of mattress options are also available.   Double beds and fitted beds with a neat wooden finish are also possible.

Contact us and we will be happy to explain further.