Free Hearing Screening Test at our clinic

First clinic appointments and hearing screening tests are free of charge without any obligation.

Service at Your Home

We understand that some people may have difficulty leaving their home, for this reason we have invested in portable and sophisticated equipment to be able perform most tests at your home for a reasonable fee

Hearing Aids

We offer all services relating to hearing, from testing to counseling and fitting of hearing aids.

Tinnitus Counseling

Do not let tinnitus bother you, ask us about our related services and solutions.

Special Sound Devices

We offer special amplified telephones, mobile phones and TV headphones to work with and without hearing aids.

Hearing Protection

If you work or live in noise that hinders your focus and rest, you should also know that this may possibly damage your hearing over time.  We can provide you with custom hearing protection that do not block sound but simply reduce the noise volume to a safer level so you still maintain awareness of your surroundings.

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