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Hearing Aids & Accessories

The choice of hearing aids and accessories will depend on hearing tests, ear canal size and user dexterity amongst other aspects.   These are discussed during a consultation.  Experience a natural sound like no other hearing aid with Widex Moment Puresound.

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Completely In ear Canal aids

Discreet and custom made by state of the art computerised 3D printing technology.  Made to the to shape of the persons' ear canal, with Widex Moment embeded sound technology.


Crisp Clear Phone Calls & Cordless

This is a cordless phone which can be used by any person.  When used in conjuction with compatible Widex hearing aids, the crisp clear sound automatically streams to each hearing aid giving the user an excellent telephone sound experience.  Other loud telephones and solutions are available for people with conditions that prevent them from wearing hearing aids.

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Personal Sound Adjustment

Sound is as personal as taste.   All  sound adjustment options are available.   First a simple volume control using buttons on the hearing aids or a simple keychain remote.  For those who enjoy cutting edge technology, you may choose the option to make adjustments using the unique Widex Soundsenselearn Artificial Intelligence app on your smartphone.   A variety of options are available to assist different abilities.


Behind The Ear aids

A range of models, starting with ultra disctreet thin wire models.  Next are the easier to handle thin tube models and clear tube versions for best value and easiest handling.   Numerous options of comfortable tips or custom 3D printed ear moulds.  All using Widex Moment sound technology.  Options include user replacable battery models or rechargable.


TV Sound like no other

Enjoy clear TV sound direct to your hearing aids.   Adjust your TV volume as you prefer without others hindering you or vice versa.  Listen to TV on your own if you wish, without any sound in the room, maybe others wish to sleep or read.  Turn your hearing aids into your personal TV headphones.  You may also enjoy TV with family and friends but always with clearer sound.  Relax with the TV sound you miss.

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Extra Loud Telephone & Cordless

Some people will not or cannot wear hearing aids.  In such situations an extra loud telephone will help as much as possible.  This phone will not help everyone as it depends on hearing loss.   The best solution always remains a Widex hearing aid with streaming and Phone Dex 2.  Nonetheless, our unique extra loud phones offer a possibility when options are limited.


Direct Sound from a smartphone

Enjoy direct sound streaming from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.  Be it a crisp clear phone call, your favouritue music, a video call or other direct streaming makes a world of a difference.  Different models offer varied features.   Otpions for simpler, non smart phones are also available.


Remote Mic for distant speakers

Widex Sound Assist enables better hearing in large meetings or lectures.  The device is a distant microphone and streams sound directly to the hearing aids.  It may also be used in restaurants or cafes to give you an edge over the crowds.  Hear distant persons just like they are near you.  It also enables streaming from older bluetooth devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Colour choice for your high tech device
Match it to your hair, your style or simply your favourite colour

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