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Our experienced Audiologists and technical staff will assist you with your requirements and advise accordingly.   Best of all is our ongoing care and service which is second to none.

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Free Hearing Screening Test

The first step towards better hearing health is to understand the condition of one's hearing.  To encourage you towards this goal we offer a no obligations first appoint hearing screening test at our clinic.

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Hearing Aid Try & Buy

Should hearing aids be required, we will prescribe and fit them to your custom needs.  We will assist you step by step during the one month trial period.  You only buy them if you feel fine with them.   Terms & conditions for the trial are explained at the appointment.  We will also assist you in obtaining any financial assistance offered by government institutions.


Home Visits

When clinic visits are challenging, using state of the art portable equipment we are able to provide quailty audiology services even at your home.  (Note: Excavation or excessive construction noise in the vicinity may limit this service)


Less Noise & Finer Music

Our hearing is often forgotten and taken for granted.  Harm from exposure to excessive loudness is well known, but exposure to softer but annoying sounds also has negative impact on work, rest, study and wellbeing.  If you enjoy loud music and concerts,  our specialised Music protectors will not only protect your hearing but will enhance your music experience. Talk to us for hearing and noise protection.

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